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Pipeline Platform

In Collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire 

Though Pipeline Platform, we support and showcase the work of recent graduates who specialise in performance, sound, live or time-based media. This platform, funded by the University of Gloucestershire, offers these artists an opportunity to test works in progress in front of a student audience and provides students with an insight into early careers in the art industry and gives honest examples of post-grad careers. We want to provide realistic examples of careers in the arts, especially fresh out of university and give the arts education many didn't get. These events allow for students to work with and and alongside artists at an early career stage and have networking and discussion opportunities not normally afforded when studying. The programme also aims to bring challenging works of contemporary performance art to county. 

this programme is a fluid and evolving project and changes from artist to artists. Big thanks to the Fine Art department at the University of Gloucestershire for making this possible. 

If you are an artist working in performance, sound or live mediums and are interested in working with us to deliver one of these events. please get in touch. 

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Pipeline Platform Archive

Previous artists we have collaborated with include - 

Emily Goodchild 

Nina Davies 

Martin Ortiz De Taranco

Evangelina Danadaki 

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