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Pipeline Gallery x Working Class Creatives Database. Barriers In the Arts - Social Class 30/03/21

Wokring in collaboration with The Working Class Creatives Database we put together a panel of international working class artists to discuss the joys and difficulties of being a from a lower social class to that of most of the art world, as well as the importance of recognising intersectionality and identity during that conversation . With Guest speakers Jim Brook, Imogen-Blue Hinojosa and Chanelle Love touching on their specific experiences and how they imagine the idealic art world to be. Speacifically talking about barriers artists face in accessing the arts and estabilising a career in a world not always build to support them.

See below to watch the full Seminar and make sure to check The Working Class Creatives Database out as well as the guest speakers;

Jim Brook

Imogen-Blue Hinojosa

Chanelle Love

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